According to the contracted membership, what will be the new rate table.  AP Photo

Netflix announced that the prices of its streaming service will jump again. Subscription plans will raise your fees by the three memberships available in Argentina (basic, standard and premium) from the next billing.

This information is notified to users who enter “my account” on the streaming platform, where a sign appears that warns them about the price increase depending on the plan you have and from when the upgrade will be applied.

Thus, subscriptions of the streaming service will range between 379 and 939 pesos, according to the plans available. The corresponding tax burden must be added to these prices.

Thus, at the original rate VAT must be added, 21%, the PAIS tax of 8% and the advance of the income tax of 35%.

According to the contracted membership, what will be the new rate table. AP Photo

The price increase is due to the fact that the platform understands that “people have more entertainment options”, for which they are working “To provide more original productions and to improve the service” and thus become more competitive and attractive compared to the wide range of current proposals.

In this way, with taxes, customers, according to the Netflix subscription plan, will pay:

  • Basic plan: a single screen with 480p resolution. 541,97 pesos.
  • Standard plan: with a resolution of 1,080p and two screens that can be used at the same time. 913,77 pesos.
  • Premium plan: a resolution of 4K + HDR and four screens that can be used simultaneously. 1342,77 pesos.

This is not the first rate increase that the platform introduces in the year. In February, the streaming service raised the prices that it had kept stable for a year to redouble its bet on its original content, which only in 2021 received an investment of 17,000 million dollars.

The reasons for Netflix

Service improvements are the excuse for the increase.  Photo

Service improvements are the excuse for the increase. Photo

The service also highlighted the work carried out on the functionality of the platform, which in recent months received new functions for the benefit of the user.

In recent weeks the platform, in his opinion, somehow justifies this increase in service. A new tool that was added is the “top 10 listing” that was designed to help members find something to view more easily and quickly.

Other possibilities that it provides are the “downloads” which is a function that allows you to download without limits (depending on the storage capacity of each device) series and / or movies recommended on the mobile device, according to the preferences of the members.

When someone does not know what to watch, “play something” is an option that was introduced to facilitate the recommendation of a series and / or movie that they will like based on what they have seen before.

And one of the most recent updates is that of the parental control options and report by mail, where parents are given the necessary tools to make decisions as a family about children’s content and the preferences of the youngest, as well as new forms of entertainment.


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