Netflix is ​​preparing Red Notice 2 and 3, with the return of the original trio

The two sequels would be shot in quick succession, in 2023.

Yes, Red Notice 2 should be done well. And even Red Notice 3 ! The action thriller released last November is going to turn into a big Netflix franchise, and that’s not so surprisingly, since Red Notice became the most-watched film in the history of the platform with over 200 million hours of streaming in its first 28 days, at the end of last year …

The announcement isn’t entirely official yet, but according to Deadline, the streaming network is in the early stages of negotiations to secure returns from Ryan Reynolds, Dwayne Johnson and Gal Gadot, which should stack well.

Netflix hopes to start production as soon as possible and filming of Red Notice 2 could be launched in early 2023, knowing that Red Notice 3 would ideally be filmed immediately after.

Obviously, that will depend on the hyper-loaded agendas of the three stars, who all have major projects each on their side, from Deadpool 3 at Jungle Cruise 2 Passing by Wonder Woman 3

In any case, the sequel is well and truly launched and the director and screenwriter of the first part, Rawson Marshall Thurber, has already started writing Red Notice 2. In addition to the main trio, Deadline clarifies that the platform also aims to add new characters to develop a heist franchise in the vein of the saga. Ocean’s Eleven.

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