Netflix series: The Google Earth, which unfortunately never came on the market

Anyone who experienced the early 90s in Berlin has no memory of it. Techno clubs, hacker associations, drug parties: the setting in the reunified German capital was improvised and alternative in every respect.

The most incredible things happen in this environment. Among other things, the dismantling of computer art at the art university. Student Carsten Schlueter (Leonard Schleicher) is ridiculed by his professor. It doesn’t matter – he does his visual works for the techno club anyway. Because he’s not good at programming, the whole thing jerks.

An early nerd vision

In the early 90s, computer animation was exotic and driven by expensive machines that only large institutions had. The hacker Juri Müller (Marius Ahrendt) has access to these because he knows the door code to a server room. Together, the two nerds develop a vision: the globe should be made tangible. For this they get financial support from Deutsche Telekom, collect a gang of artists and hackers and start building a prototype. Does the story sound familiar to you? Then because the invention sounds like Google Earth.

In fact, the two men, whose idea ultimately flops, want to bring the Silicon Valley giant to justice. Years later, after the US company raked in millions with its application, the two German computer geniuses wanted justice and appropriate recognition of their achievements. The accusation: Google stole the algorithm. A mini-series in four episodes in the lovingly reproduced setting of the subculture of that time.

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