Netflix wrongly gave Squid Game too low an age rating

Dutch viewers of the hit series Squid Game were shown an incorrect age rating at the start of the series on Netflix in September. The viewing advice was for 12 years and older, but that should have been 16 and older. Later, Netflix adjusted this, writes NRC.

The Netherlands Institute for the Classification of Audiovisual Media (NICAM), which is responsible for the Kijkwijzer, among other things, has confirmed to NRC that the age limit was not correct. Services such as Netflix are responsible for showing the correct age rating.

In a response, Netflix informed NRC that it had followed Kijkwijzer’s guidelines and that it later corrected this itself. Both NICAM and Netflix did not disclose how long the incorrect classification has been on display.

Children massively watch Squid Game

In the South Korean series, hundreds of adults in deep debt play a deadly game to win a huge sum of money. In a colorful environment, the participants play children’s games against each other, such as Annemaria cuckoo and tug of war. Anyone who misses a game or does not finish in time will be brutally killed.

Squid Game is at the top of the list of most watched series in 90 countries and is a real hit on social media such as TikTok. As a result, the series also reaches young children en masse, which led to concerns among parents and teachers.

Primary school children would recreate the games of the series, after which the losers would be beaten, a Belgian school wrote to parents. In England, too, parents were urged not to let their children watch the series.

Even though Squid Game is not suitable for young viewers, many primary school children have seen the hit series, it turned out at this school:

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