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Idol does not spare criticism when analyzing yet another negative result away from home, which became a weak point for Timão

Photo: Reproduction/Band - Neto pointed out the culprit for the defeat against Ceará.
Photo: Reproduction/Band – Neto pointed out the culprit for the defeat against Ceará.

O Corinthians he showed quality football against Santos, in the 2-0 victory, played at the Neo Química Arena, creating many chances for a goal, making a high score and putting pressure on his rival during the 90 minutes, bringing hope to the fans. However, the team commanded by Sylvinho was again defeated outside their domains, this time against Ceará.

After a failure by Cássio after just 5 minutes, Timon even reached a draw, but again fell behind after taking a goal from Yony González. Several errors were again “wide open” and the fans ended up weaving many criticisms, especially as a result of failures considered silly, which caused an adverse result.

When transmitting the game in the “Radio Craque Neto“, the former player and idol from Alvinegro lost track with the coach, making it clear that he once again left something to be desired and is to blame for yet another setback, especially due to the income presented, together with the choices made among the 11 holders, such as leaving Renato Augusto, Willian and Gustavo Mosquito in the reserve bank.

“The biggest mistake is Sylvinho’s, he is most responsible for the defeat. If there’s a guy who lost an easy game, it’s Sylvinho. If there’s a guy who didn’t put the team to play and to win it’s Sylvinho, because Ceará didn’t do anything, Corinthians had much more chances to win the game, but who lost the game is Sylvinho, nailed Neto.

The mistakes of Timão’s goalkeeper were also highlighted, along with the failure of Vitinho and João Pedro in the second goal scored by Ceará. Turning the key, the team from São Paulo returns to the field next Sunday (28), playing at home, against Athletico-PR, needing the victory to remain within the G-4 and guarantee a direct spot in the group stage of the Libertadores in 2022 .

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