Neurologist Budik named the reason for the negative impact of COVID-19 on the brain

Very often, people after COVID-19 complain of fog in their heads and an inability to think as before. Neurologist Alexander Budik recalled that coronavirus affects blood vessels. In particular, the blood supply to the brain is disrupted, which, in turn, affects the cognitive abilities of a person.

“In our head, the vessels go to the cerebral cortex, like twigs on a tree. During COVID-19 and immediately after it, with postcoid syndrome, there is a change in the location of these vessels,” – explained doctor on the air of radio Sputnik. And he advised me to go to a neurologist twice so that the specialist could assess the dynamics.

“After a while, it is necessary to pass the same tests again as immediately after the illness. Then it will be possible to draw conclusions,” Budik added.

Earlier in the scientific journal The Lancet, an article was published on the post-lobe syndrome. The cognitive implications depend on the severity of COVID-19. So, those who were connected to mechanical ventilation, the damage to the brain was higher than if they had suffered a stroke.

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