Nine out of 10 sequenced samples are already of the Delta variant in Minas Gerais

There are many questions about how long the immunity triggered by vaccines against covid-19 lasts, but this Wednesday (24), the scientific journal Nature published the first results of tests for a vaccine that aims precisely to provide long-lasting immunity . This is CoVac-1, single dose.

The immunizer passed its first human trial, proving to be safe and effective, leading to an immune response lasting at least three months and surpassing natural immunity or alternative vaccines. The researchers note that CoVac-1 induced immune cells in 100% of trial participants 28 days after vaccination. Cell response was also unaffected by Alpha, Beta, Delta or Gamma variants.

long lasting immunity

CoVac-1 offers three month immunity (Image: kjpargeter/Freepik)

As the study points out, the immunity of T cells (which are precisely responsible for antiviral responses) is the main objective of the vaccine’s development, considering that T cells are the key to lasting protection. They attack infected cells and stimulate the production of antibodies. After infection, some T cells remain ready to go into action if the body encounters the same pathogen again.

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To check for long-term immunity, the team applied the vaccine to 36 participants aged between 18 and 80 years, with no pre-existing T-cell response to SARS-CoV-2. After an initial assessment on the first day, the researchers continued to measure the participants’ T-cell response after seven, 14, 28 and 56 days, with a final assessment at the three-month mark. Now, the vaccine is undergoing a phase II clinical trial to test its effectiveness in people with antibody deficiency, or immunosuppressed.

Source: Nature

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