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Some new tables released by the Risk Assessment Group confirm what science has been emphasizing for a long time: the vaccines work. It is clear to see how there is an impact on infections, hospital admissions and the risk of ending up in intensive care.

The infections

The first table deals with the infections. The vaccines protected us from infection, but not 100 percent. Vaccinated people can also infect and become infected, but to a lesser extent, the figures now show. In Belgium, in the past 14 days, there were more than 2,500 infections per 100,000 inhabitants among 18 to 64-year-olds. It now appears that the unvaccinated account for more than half of that number. If you know that in that age group no less than 84 percent are vaccinated, then you see that the very small group of unvaccinated people has many infections.

There is also a clear age effect: in the older group of over-85s, the difference between the number of vaccinated and non-vaccinated people who become infected is slightly smaller. You have to take into account that even more people in that group have been vaccinated: about 89%.

Only among the over 65s are there more infections caused by vaccinated than unvaccinated.

The hospital admissions

The vaccine also clearly protects you from hospitalization. In Flanders, there are 7 times more unvaccinated 18 to 64-year-olds in hospital than vaccinated people. Here too remember that in Flanders 90% of this age group are vaccinated. This means that from a much smaller pool of unvaccinated people, many more people have to go to hospital with corona complaints.

The same age effect also plays a role here. Among the 65 to 84-year-olds, there are 3 times more unvaccinated people in hospital than vaccinated, and among the 85-year-olds there are roughly twice as many unvaccinated. But here too: in a group that is 93% vaccinated, proportionately more people who are not vaccinated go to hospital.

The risk of ending up in intensive care

This table also shows the same effects as with infections and hospital admissions. Because the numbers are smaller in absolute figures, we have to be a little careful with the incidence per 100,000 admissions, the scientists warn in the report. In concrete terms: only a few shots can significantly increase the figures.

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