New fire Pyrilli in Odysseus - The response of the Audit Office

The Mayor of Paralimni, Theodoros Pyrillis, opened fire again against the general auditor Odysseas Michailidis.

In a press conference, the Mayor of Paralimni stated that the Municipal Council will meet next Tuesday, to be placed on the report of the Auditor General. He pointed out that this is an exhibition that concerns 2014 and 2015, ie seven years ago.

The Mayor of Paralimni spoke about the expediencies behind the actions of the Auditor General, while linking these actions, both with the reform of the local self-government and with the presidential elections of 2023.

Theodoros Pyrillis denied what is recorded in the Auditor’s report, stating that the attempt to distort and falsify is obvious in it.

At the same time, the Mayor of Paralimni, called on the Attorney General to answer if he is investigating anything against him and to clarify the situation, stating at the same time that he is ready to withdraw if a re-examination is carried out and it turns out that mistakes were made by him.

In response through its twitter account, the Audit Service proceeded after the statements of the Mayor of Pralimni, in which they note:
The Mayor admitted the illegalities and irregularities but attributed their recording by EV to expediencies. State services are also fighting him, he said. As it is known, he also left the Union of Municipalities. The citizens know. Our Report is confirmed correct to the last i.

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