The sci-fi franchise doesn't make the bitter expendables mistake

Matrix Resurrections will start in German cinemas in a month. Despite the pictures, trailers and posters, we know very little about them so far Story of the movie. On the one hand, Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss return as Neo and Trinity. On the other hand, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II embodies a new / young version of Morpheus.

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Is Matrix Resurrections a continuation of the first three parts? A reboot of the entire series? Or a secret remake of the first part with swapped variables? Co-writer David Mitchell, who wrote the script together with director Lana Wachowski and Aleksandar Hemon, gives one exciting answer.

Sci-fi return with Keanu Reeves: Matrix 4 turns the rules of blockbuster cinema upside down

Even the first trailer for Matrix Resurrections was confusing. Sometimes the images looked as if they were recreating familiar images in detail. In between there were even moments when the characters from Part 4 get into the old movies.

You can watch the trailer for Matrix Resurrections here:

Matrix Resurrections – Trailer (Deutsch) HD


Opposite the Greek weekly newspaper To Vima (via CBR ) Mitchell reveals that he saw Matrix Resurrections back in September. “He’s really good”he assures in the interview. His most interesting statement only follows afterwards:

I can’t say exactly what the film is about, but I can explain what it isn’t. He is definitely not another sequel, but something of its own that nonetheless encompasses all three previous Matrix films in a sophisticated way.

Mitchell is deliberately vague in his descriptions. In the end, the quote is still one of the most concrete things that we have so far about the Alignment of matrix resources have experienced. Mitchell adds:

[Der Film] is a beautiful and strange work. He does a few things that we don’t usually see in action films, which means he does the Undermines the rules of blockbuster cinema.

We cannot decipher the plot of Matrix Resurrections with it. Still, it all sounds very promising. The movie doesn’t seem like any of those in franchise comebacks bathing in nostalgia to become. Instead, Mitchell’s words give hope for a bold blockbuster. There are far too few of them.

Matrix Resurrections startet am December 23, 2021 in German cinemas.

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