Inglourious Basterds: This is what letter sexuality looks like

Marvel Heroes: Inside usually have no time for the sensual pleasures in life, as erotic leisure activities were already deleted from their schedule in phase 1 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But a film could bring the sex back to the MCU or at least the slightly ashamed fade-out before it really gets to work: Eternals. This is what the US age rating for superhero snacks suggests.

Eternals achieves in the age rating, what no MCU film managed

Anyone who hopes that the blockbuster by Chloé Zhao (Nomadland) will rattle through the cinema with an R rating, i.e. the equivalent of an FSK approval from 16, will unfortunately have to cool down their expectations of the coital spectacle.

Eternals received the usual Marvel PG-13 clearance. Nevertheless, the film apparently lured the one or the other worried drop of sweat from the conservative glands of the morale guards of the MPA (Motion Picture Association), because the reason for the rating is as follows (via ):

Rated PG-13 for fantasy violence and action, some language and brief sexuality.

Fantasy violence and action – that’s the usual. “Brief sexuality” doesn’t sound like much, actually But Eternals is the first MCU film that got this addition to the ratingt. At the beginning of the MCU story it looked promising: Tony Stark had one-night stands (Iron Man, Iron Man 3) and Bruce Banner was allowed to indulge his love physically (The Incredible Hulk). After phase 1, the most beautiful minor matter in the world became rare in this universe.

As for sex, the MCU has lived by the values ​​of one of the 50s sitcoms from WandaVision for the past 13 years. And now – well – comes Eternals.

What can “brief sexuality” mean in Eternals?

The speculation what exactly Eternals shows that every other MCU movie lacksis not that easy at all. Because if you search for other examples that have received this footnote, you end up with films with an R rating like Inglourious Basterds and 12 Years a Slave. In case you forgot – the Tarantino flick boasted this sex scene:

Inglourious Basterds: This is what letter sexuality looks like

Can you imagine that in a Disney movie?

But it is also a fact that Eternals brings more potential for short-winded morale guards than most other MCU films in recent years. The focus could be a Game of Thrones love triangle around Sersi (Gemma Chan), Ikaris (Richard Madden) and the person Dane (Kit Harington).

In addition, the MCU’s first onscreen LGBTQ kiss has already been announced, which sounds and is a matter of course inflated for marketing purposes, but we’re talking about Disney and a kiss is a kiss (and not just a “gay moment”) ).

Be that as it may, Eternals will probably not be the popbuster among MCU films, after all there is still a huge difference between a rating description like “brief sexuality” and higher awards like “sexual content” or “graphic nudity”. There’s still something going on in the MCU.

Eternals mated from 3. November 2021 a cinema near you.

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