New Marvel series kills Avengers again - and finally brings asshole Tony back

The new Marvel animated series What If …? continues to show alternate stories from the MCU from week to week. After the Zombie Avengers, Episode 6 combines the two blockbusters Iron Man und Black Panther. This is followed by a crossover in which Tony Stark and villain Eric Killmonger already meet in the plot of the first Iron Man film.

Our colleague Yves from the video team also watched the episode again and put his opinion on it in a recap. Episode 6 of What If …? left mixed feelings, especially Yves die Return of the old, extremely arrogant Tony Stark liked.

Marvel’s What If …? Even after 6 episodes, it’s entertaining fun without much added value

The new episode of the animated MCU series goes way back to the beginning and shows again the events from the first Iron Man film with Tony in Iraq. This time, however, when he is ambushed by the Organization of the Ten Rings, he will from the Black Panther villain Eric Killmonger saved.

Check out the complete video recap from Yves for the 6th What If …? Episode:

Tony Stark is rescued by Killmonger | What If Episode 6 Recap


The rest of the episode turned out to be pretty conventional for Yves, despite the mixture of Iron Man and Black Panther. What he liked best is that we are finally here again extremely arrogant and charismatic asshole Tony from earlier, for whom the new speaker delivers a good interpretation of Robert Downey Jr.

While in the 6th episode What If …? With Tony and T’Challa two Avengers heroes have to die again, the master plan of the interesting Black Panther villain Killmonger falls almost exactly like in the MCU movie the end.

Since the course of the plot in this What If …? Episode is quite familiar, the episode is once again entertaining entertainment for Yves at the end, but it is no real added value or offers potential for repeated viewing.

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How did the 6th episode of What If …? please?

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