New parachute "Kadet-100" handed over for state tests - Rossiyskaya Gazeta

On Friday, the press service of the Tekhnodinamika holding (part of the Rostec state corporation) announced that the new Kadet-100 parachute system had been submitted for state testing.

It is known that this system was created to replace the D-10 landing parachute, which has been used as the main parachute in the Russian army for more than two decades. At the end of last year, Kadet successfully completed a series of flight design checks. After state tests, it can be recommended for mass production and use in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

This parachute, in particular, is planned to be used as a means of combat landing of airborne units. Another function of the new system is training. The developers claim that the “Cadet-100” is perfect for training jumps.

The new parachute system has a round canopy and is adapted for airborne troops in full gear from aircraft flying at speeds from 140 to 350 km / h. The minimum safe altitude for the Cadet-100 is limited to 150 meters. This is 50 meters lower than that of the D-10. That is, the danger that the military will be destroyed by fire from the ground under the open dome is significantly less.

The maximum flight weight under a parachute is 160 kilograms. For the D-10 parachute, this figure is 140 kg. That is, jumping with the “Cadet”, a soldier will be able to carry a much larger load. The average value of the vertical rate of descent in a section of 30 – 35 meters from the ground for this system does not exceed 5 m / s. And the horizontal speed is no more than 3.5 m / s.

In addition, the Kadet-100 allows a paratrooper to turn in any direction 360 degrees, spending no more than 12 seconds on a maneuver in the air. This will help to avoid converging with other skydivers. And the new system has increased stability of the canopy.

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