The Farm 13

New partial of Bolavip Brasil’s poll indicates that Krawk will be chosen by the public to leave Paiol and enter A Fazenda 13. The poll is still open, vote!


Krawk remains the leader in the Bolavip Brazil poll (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

“The 13th Farm” is already on the air! And the competition for Paiol TikTok started in earnest: official voting is open, and it will define who will be the new participant of the reality show on RecordTV.

According to the poll promoted by Bolavip Brasil, Krawk remains the favorite to enter the program. Until the closing of this article, he maintained the lead with 39% of the preference. In second place is Sthe Matos, with 35%. Mah Tavares comes next, with 19%. At last is Alisson Jordan, with 7%.

Since the announcement of the names, the public has started to speculate about who of these names deserves to join the main group, which already has names such as Tati Quebra Barraco, MC Gui, singer Tiago, Mussunzinho, among others. Vote in the poll:

(If you cannot view this poll, click here to vote!)

Know a little about the four participants of Paiol TikTok:

Alisson Jordan is a dancer with more than 10 years of career. He also works as a choreographer for several Brazilian pop singers, such as Anitta. He became one of the most popular influencers on the video app because of his dancing.

Sthe Matos is 22 years old and also one of the biggest influencers of TikTok. She gained notoriety after a plastic surgery went wrong. Since then, she has gained several followers with tips on beauty and self-esteem.

Mah Tavares is a 19-year-old influencer who has about 12 million followers on TikTok alone. She became famous after attracting the attention of comedian and youtuber Whindersson Nunes, with whom she became a great friend.

Krawk: the trap singer is 24 years old and has already caught the attention of many sportsmen in Brazil, due to his song “Jogador Não Olha Pra Foto”. He has about 670,000 listeners on Spotify monthly.

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