New rain damage reported in Minas Gerais, Brazil |  News

A landslide caused by the rains that have hit Minas Gerais (southeastern Brazil) since October 2021 caused the collapse this Thursday of two heritage buildings and part of the power lines in the city of Ouro Preto, in the central region of said condition.


The death toll from rains in Minas Gerais, Brazil rises to 24

The local Fire Department informed the press that the landslide occurred in an area near the historic center of the city, when the side of a hill that stands at the back of the affected buildings collapsed.

The event did not cause any victims, although it destroyed both buildings (one of them from the 17th century) and part of the power lines. At this time, the amount of damages is estimated.

The coordinator of the Civil Defense in the city, Nely Moutinho, had announced shortly before that the area would be closed due to the danger of instability on the side of the hill.

This decision also led to the evacuation of residents within a radius of 500 meters from the site.

According to the Fire Department, the slope is still unstable and if another landslide occurs it could affect a hotel and a restaurant.

During this day it also emerged that this Thursday 134 road closures were reported due to flooding of roads, landslides, infrastructure breakdown or other damages caused by rainfall.

According to the Federal Highway Police and the Military Highway Police, 36 of these closures are total and the rest are partial.

Rains have hit this Brazilian state since October 2021. There are 341 cities in an emergency situation, while 10,000 people have already been evicted from their homes and 24 have died.

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