new soap opera at 7 after catch catches

The new 7 pm soap after Pega Pega should go on air later this year. Como Mais Vida Melhor is written by Mauro Wilson, who makes his debut as a serials author. The plot will have four protagonists who gain the chance to come back to life after a serious accident.

What will be the new 7 o’clock soap opera after Pega Pega?

The More Life the Better will tell the story of four characters who will die in a plane crash. However, when they reach heaven, they will receive from God a new chance to return to life, but with one condition: after a year, they must actually die.

The protagonists will be played Giovanna Antonelli, Vladimir Brichta, Valentina Herszage and Mateus Solano – coincidentally, these last two actors are currently on air as father and daughter in the Pega Pega rerun.

Antonelli’s character will be Paula, an entrepreneur in the cosmetics business. She is a self-centered, intelligent and quick woman who does everything for love. Solano will be a cardiac surgeon doctor, while Brichta will play a football player about to retire.

The plot will have a villain who will disrupt the life of Valentina Herszage’s character. He will be played by actor Renato Livera, famous for acting in soap operas on Record.

The Better Life Cast in the recording studio – Photo: Playback/Globe

When does the soap opera open?

The premiere date for Quem Mais Vida Melhor has not yet been made official by Rede Globo. According to journalist Patrícia Kogout, from the newspaper O Globo, the unprecedented plot is scheduled to air in November 22.

Like the other productions of the network, the new soap opera of the 7 suffered delays due to the covid-19 pandemic in the country. Meanwhile, Globo has aired special editions of old soap operas.

Pega Pega’s rerun has suffered major cuts. The original version of the telenovela was shown for 7 months between 2017 and 2018. The new edition will only be on the air for 4 months – the plot started in July and should end in November.

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