The Batman

A new trailer for The Batman, the long-awaited new installment of the Gotham City superhero, it will arrive in a few days. This, in the midst of a new celebration of the DC FanDome, an annual event that thousands of fans expect. What’s more, A new official photo has already been released with Robert Pattinson as the protagonist.

New trailer for The Batman?

From early in the day, a surprise had been anticipating about the long-awaited DC Films movie. Said and done, it was anticipated that a new trailer of The Batman It will be officially launched this Saturday, October 16, as part of the DC FanDome.

It should be remembered that this is the second preview of the film, after a trailer was released more than a year ago. Nevertheless, This will be the first to be released since the tape officially ended its recordings a few months ago.

«It is not just a signal, in an alarm», says the promo video, confirming that The Batman will be part of this long-awaited event. Also, to excite fans even more, A new photo of Robert Pattinson in the suit was released.

In the promo image, Batman can be seen from behind looking at Gotham City. It should be noted that the city stands out for a much more realistic look, confirming the theory that this movie will feature a less fanciful setting.

The Batman
The Batman

Previously, Robert Pattinson advanced that The Batman it would be more of a drama than a superhero movie as such. Likewise stated its director, Matt Reeves, who confirmed that his version will be much more emotional than the previous ones.

It should be remembered that The Batman it’s just one of the stories that is being adapted about Gotham City. Currently, it is in negotiations the realization of a second part of Joker, although Joaquin Phoenix has not yet confirmed his participation.

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