What are the 'Pandora Papers' and who appears in the investigation?

Last Friday, October 8, New York City, in USA, was shocked to hear the news of a 3-year-old boy who died after falling from the window of his apartment on the fourth floor.

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According to local authorities, the accident occurred in the hours of the morning while he was with his aunt in the house, who realized what had happened by looking for him throughout the apartment and not finding him.

“She began to search all the rooms, everything, and, I don’t know, at the moment it was not there and when she went downstairs and found out, she had found the child lying on the floor.”, Mentioned the minor’s grandmother, Mrs. María, to the city’s newscast ‘NY1 ′.

According to the police report, the little Daniel Galeas, fell down some stairs that lead to the basement and, according to the local media, the aunt was next to him with a panic attack when the authorities arrived.

The minor was transferred with life to a health center, but unfortunately it was not possible to save his life.

Apparently, the incident would have occurred because the window it had no bars and it was also covered with some cartons. The victim’s family says that the owner of the place should do a further inspection of the homes.

I really ask that the owner of the building, as I said at the beginning, be more aware of the inspections of the apartments for the salvation of the children”, María mentioned to the same newscast.

In addition, the relatives said that the little boy was an autistic child and he was going to celebrate his 4th birthday last Monday.

The other residents of the neighborhood regret what happened, as they fondly remember the deceased child. Some neighbors even tried help to Daniel at the time of what happened.

Univision New York interviewed one of the neighbors, who commented: He was still trying to breathe. He was breathing when we were calling and when we walked in he looks like he caught his last air trip. “



With the publication of the ‘Pandora Papers’, the leak of almost 12 million confidential documents about the fortunes of some of the most powerful and influential people in the world, the media focus falls once again on offshore companies. Know all the details.


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