Newly engaged Ricki Lake shares details of surprise proposal: 'I was naked in the jacuzzi'

On Tuesdays , Ricki Lake shared all the juicy details about getting engaged to Ross Burningham over the weekend. Little is known about Lakes new fianc, who she claims shes only been dating for a short while.

We’ve only known each other since the end of June, said Lake. It’s been about six months, he was a booty call for a few months there. He’s wonderful. Everyone who met him just gets it. We’re great together.

Lake also admitted the proposal was a complete surprise and that she does not have a ring yet. But she was more than happy to share some of the steamy details from the proposal.

I was naked in the jacuzzi with my man on the first night that we’re in my new Malibu home, said Lake. And so it was romantic and very spontaneous and I couldnt be happier.

The other guest on the show was one of Lakes former directors, legendary filmmaker John Waters. While Waters was happy for his friend, he wasnt too sure about the setting of the proposal.

I’ve never been in a jacuzzi in my life, said Waters. Its like a polio pit of stagnant water. That stagnant water with bodily fluids is just too Platos Retreat, too swingers for me…but Im happy you have one.

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