10 of the best Italian food restaurants in the City of Buenos Aires

The Pizza OTL

The Pizza OTL – Pizza.jpg

When The Pizza OTL restaurant welcomes you under the motto “Fai l’amore, mangia la pizza” it is impossible not to connect with what is most central to Italian culture: good food and good drink.

And it is that the proposal of this place brings Neapolitan-style pizzas but with a twist that combines ingredients from traditional dishes of Tana cuisine in a delicate pizza base made from sourdough and organic flour.

We can see the result in its menu, where tempting options stand out, such as the Carbonara pizza with guanciale, milk cream, pecorino cheese, peas, egg yolk and buffalo stracciatella; the Meatballs pizza with the typical Italian beef meatballs with tomato, mozzarella fior di latte, basil pesto, Parmesan cheese or the Prosciutto pizza with Italian tomato and prosciutto, mozzarella fior di latte, arugula pesto and fresh arugula.

For those who want to complete the experience with a dessert, Cannolis or Tiramisu are offered, as well as classic cocktails such as Negroni, Campari or Aperol, as well as other options with signature touches. The proposal of The Pizza OTL has an intimate lounge and they also have tables arranged outdoors on the sidewalk on the famous Boulevard de Caseros.

Address: Caseros 424, San Telmo.


PASTA – exterior.jpg

PASTA is the “ristorante e mercato italiano” of the Piedmontese Mauro Lacagnina that today has two stores located in Palermo and Belgrano. Both function as a deli-market, but the Belgrano branch is also the headquarters of its factory –which is completely visible for the enjoyment of its visitors– and offers table service in a comfortable room and on a small deck on the sidewalk. Its menu offers a wide variety of dishes prepared in an artisanal way, highlighting its fresh pasta made from semolina and semolina flour.

Among the alternatives, you can request long pasta, gnocchi and stuffed dough in traditional versions, other innovative ones and alternatives without TACC. In the “chef’s suggestions” section, it is worth trying the Fettuccine al nero di seppia com gamberi rossi (long pasta in squid ink with king prawns) or the Orecchiette alla Norma (pasta served with a sauce of fried eggplant and Italian tomatoes, lots of basil and salty ricotta).

The menu also invites you to enjoy sourdough pizzas, fresh salads and the inevitable “dolci” that have the classic tiramisu made with savoiardi, mascarpone, caffé and marsala. To accompany your preparations, the menu includes non-alcoholic drinks, appetizers, bottles of national and Italian wines, digestifs and even a cafeteria section to enjoy with your sourdough bread.

Address: Vidal 2228, Belgrano.


FRESH – Classic Ravioli with box_0306.jpg

This pasta factory, which landed in the country more than a year ago, revolutionized the market with its creations and flavors that undoubtedly evoke a direct trip to Italian lands.

This modern boutique welcomes diners with a sophisticated market that offers a wide selection of imported products such as wines, distilled beverages, dried pasta, spices, preserves and sauces, while fresh pasta made with semolina is displayed in its windows. durum wheat, free-range eggs, export meats, and premium Italian products.

The production laboratory is located on the second floor of its facilities, which has state-of-the-art Italian technology that allows a production of 200 kilos of pasta per hour.

The “antipasti” and sauces sections appear on its menu, with 100% traditional options from this cuisine, such as bruschetta calde with peperonata or arancini siciliani – presented with meat or vegetables – as well as its six lines of fresh pasta and ready-to-eat preparations, which are served in practical designer packaging.Some of its most outstanding dishes are the “ingots” stuffed with fresh pink salmon, whole prawns and sweet boñato, the ossobuco alla milanese ravioli, fused with the flavor of saffron and the ravioli stuffed with ricotta, fresh touches of lemon, dried tomatoes and walnuts.The “Dolci” section presents options such as the traditional tiramisu and the creamy panna cotta.

Address: Migueletes 921, CABA Printing area


Cosi Mi Piace Patio.jpg

The Italian canteen Cosi Mi Piace, specialized in Roman pizzas characterized by their thin, crispy body and without cornicione (without edges), offers a complete proposal with dishes with an Italian spirit, all made with premium quality ingredients obtained through Italian producers ( in its great majority) and other national ones that provide quality and flavor to each preparation.

The tour begins with the typical antipasti where the Roman-style focaccia stands out with thin, crispy pizza dough and a touch of Parmesan cheese. Among the bianche pizzas, the Carbonara e patate stands out (with mozzarella fior di latte, baked potatoes, egg, bacon and pecorino) and among the rosse you can request the popular Funghi (with tomato sauce, mozzarella fior di latte, baked portobellos and raw, parsley and confit garlic).

As if that were not enough, its menu also invites you to try the options offered by its artisanal pasta sections made with semolina flour and sauces to accompany it, fresh salads, meats and desserts. Cosi has a spacious and comfortable lounge, tables on the sidewalk and a picturesque internal patio that goes back to the streets of Italy with its cobblestone floors with capacity for 24 seats. They receive their guests from Tuesday to Sunday from 12 noon to 11 pm.

Address: El Salvador 4618, Palermo


Aldo’s Restaurant – terrace (Scope).jpg

Aldo’s Restorán is one of the gastronomic venues of the renowned sommelier Aldo Graziani, who invites you to enjoy a very interesting selection of wines curated by himself and a menu with an Italian-American imprint in an elegant and modern space.

The menu created by chef Leo Azulay is inspired by the unmistakable flavors of Mediterranean cuisine and is based on carefully selected raw materials, both local and Italian.

The menu offers cheeses, cured meats and artisan sausages, appetizers –which can well serve as tapas–, main dishes with a focus on pasta, fast food options and desserts.

As absolute protagonists of the menu, there are seven varieties of artisan pasta, with vegetarian options that make the choice difficult. Ricotta trofie with pomodoro, aubergines and pecorino are suggested; the Nero fettuccine with seafood; and lamb cappellacci with Italian pomodoro and pecorino.

Another unmissable dish from his proposal and a classic is the sautéed mushroom risotto, well buttered, finished with hard sheep’s cheese, ground pepper, fresh parsley leaves and olives.

To accompany, they propose more than 450 labels to choose from renowned winemakers and small winemakers from all regions of the country, sensitive, serious, pure and rich wines selected by Graziani. A coordinate to enjoy at outdoor tables on the sidewalk, on its large terrace with live music every Saturday and Sunday of the month or in its elegant lounge with an amazing cellar to discover, ideal for special meetings.

Address: Arevalo 2032, Palermo.


_L’ADESSO .jpeg

With eleven years of life, L’adesso is known as one of the most tannest restaurants in the city. It is that the one who commands it is the chef Leonardo Fumarola, from Puglia, a purebred Italian who unfolds all the flavors of his native land in a menu that changes with each season.

Here he proposes, as they do in his country, to start with antipasti, then first course and main course. You can find classics such as eggplant parmesan, risotto with seafood and lasagnas, and more original dishes -which is part of what makes Fumarola’s cuisine stand out- such as fettuccine with prawns, lemon and zucchini, chestnut papardelle with wild boar and blueberries, among others. The comfortable room is glazed and allows a lot of light to enter, ideal for lunches, although at night they set the scene with candles and dim lighting.

They have an intimate garden surrounded by greenery that is ideal for enjoying the outdoors.

Address: Fray Justo Sta. María de Oro 2047, Palermo


Potato Biasatti Gnocchi .jpg

If it’s about buying pasta to take home, Biasatti is the ideal place to do it. Led by a chef descended from an Italian grandmother, Milton Bertoni, he grew up cooking and learning the flavors and aromas of this cuisine from a very young age. After studying gastronomy and training in renowned kitchens, he finally opened his own place, where he makes pasta made with durum wheat semolina, free-range eggs and all his know-how. You can find options such as braised lamb ravioli, ossobuco and spinach, or organic chicken and vegetables. Agnolotti with cabutia, almonds and mascarpone, capeletti with brie, quartiolo and parmesan, among others, and several homemade sauces to accompany. The place also has a mini market to buy premium olive oils, dried Italian pasta, wines, cheeses and more.

Address: Cdad. of La Paz 1917, Belgrano


The true Italian cuisine is served at La Recova de Posadas, by the hand of Il Giardino Romagnoli, a proposal that walks through flavors of Italian gastronomy, with options of antipasti, Italian dry pasta, fresh pasta, pizzas and more elaborate dishes. with Italian products such as black truffle, tomato sauce and aromatic salts, as well as oysters and octopus, fish of the day, national grass-fed meats, locally produced Italian cheeses, sausages and artisan sausages. From their kitchens they recommend the Spaghetti Guitarrita a la Carbonara with pecorino cheese, eggs, guanciale, pepper, salt, Parmesan or Manchego cheese, the Rissotto al Fruteria de soto Bosco with carnaroli rice, onion, butter, pecorino cheese, Parmesan cheese, porcini mushroom , portobellos, mushrooms, and eggplant parmesan (Melanzane alla parmigiana), among others. The elegant place has capacity for 150 guests, divided into different sectors that adapt to any situation: a fully glazed iron fishbowl with imposing wooden tables and leather chairs; a covered terrace with views of the city, illuminated with garlands of lights that create a warm and romantic atmosphere; and an outdoor space with tables protected by awnings.

Address: Carlos Pellegrini 1576, La Recova de Posadas.

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