100% telework is possible… in tech!

Does full-time telecommuting sound appealing to you? Would you like to live in a place far from the office to have a better quality of life? This is possible, especially if you work in the tech industry, explains the daily El Pais. According to Ángel Sáenz de Cenzano, LinkedIn country director for Spain and Portugal, 100% telework “will one day become mainstream in all businesses that can operate remotely, opening up a world of possibilities for the workforce”. But, before that day, this is today above all true for those who hold jobs in tech, adds the newspaper.

Google offers a good illustration of this. According to Javier Martín, Google’s human resources director for Southern Europe, the global work program, which involves spending a number of weeks in company offices around the world, has attracted 15 000 employees, while another 10,000 have opted for 100% teleworking. Many of the computer giant’s engineers have moved to seaside towns. Victoria Campetella has gone even further by packing her bags for Hamburg, Germany, without her employer having any problems. .

Face-to-face every day: only for one in four employees

According to Prosperity, a recruitment firm specializing in digital, “about 40% of employees in this sector work full-time remotely, 25% work exclusively in an office and 35% combine remote and office work”. As a result, tech companies, keen to attract new talent and retain their workforce, have all taken to offering the maximum geographic flexibility to employees. For Gary Mullan, the CEO of Prosperity, this gives an idea of ​​what work will be like in the future.

Mercedes MacPherson, people manager for the Europe-Middle East-Africa region at Globant, a multinational and publicly listed IT and software development company, is recruiting experts in data, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, etc She explains that “these positions are very difficult to fill anywhere in the world. It’s a global problem. Universities do not produce many graduates in these fields.” In this context favorable to employees, flexibility regarding the workplace is “came with the pandemic and it is here to stay”. Faced with the demand from employees wishing to expatriate, Globant has even launched a relocation program.

Besides, El Pais emphasizes that after spending years focusing on their employees alone, companies must now also think about their life, especially family life. At least in tech.

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