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Definitely, cartoons have a special little place in the hearts of the audience, regardless of age. Whether for the affective memory that goes back to childhood or for the most beloved characters. AND when it comes to cuteness, Disney leaves nothing to be desiredoccupying the podium with cute characters who, to boot, still play a fundamental role in the history of animation.

Whether through animals, mythological beings, aliens, heroes, princesses or even inanimate objects, Disney characters have unique and peculiar characteristics, which manage to conquer anyone, guaranteeing faithful admirers all over the planet.

Therefore, we separate a superlist with 11 of the cutest Disney characters, which will make even non-animation fans feel like watching them. Check it out below!

1. Flounder – The Little Mermaid (1989)


We already know that Nemo is a sweetheart, but have you seen Flounder in “The Little Mermaid”? The cutest and most fearful tropical fish in the ocean, who is Ariel’s right hand man, enchants the audience with his antics and a companionship that makes our hearts warm!

2. Stitch – Lilo & Stitch (2002)

THE Playback/Disney

Let’s face it, at first, Stitch can end up looking like a pretty scary character, as he was originally created to cause chaos. However, the little alien monster charms the public with its temper, which goes from naughty to playful in secondsmaking him one of Disney’s most beloved characters.

3. Olaf – Frozen: A Freezing Adventure (2014)

THE Playback/Disney

Frozen’s snowman is, without a doubt, one of the most beloved characters by children. With his eccentric personality, Olaf is quite naive, getting lots of laughs with his goofy way, while moving the audience for his affection for his friends Anna and Elsa.

4. Boo – Monsters Inc. (2001)

THE Playback/DisneyPlus

Few things are cuter than the Boo’s unusual friendship with Mike and Sulley, two monsters whose lives are turned upside down by the entry of this extremely curious little girl into the world of monsters. Impossible not to get attached!

5. Rex – Toy Story (1995)

THE Playback/DisneyPlus

Who knew that a plastic Tyrannosaurus Rex doll with an inferiority complex could be such a fun character in Toy Story🇧🇷 Rex’s biggest fear is that his owner, Andy, will trade him for another toy dinosaur – but we would never let that happen!

6. Moana (Child) – Moana: The Sea of ​​Adventures (2016)

THE Playback/DisneyPlus

One more directly from “Disney Nursery”, the child version of Moana in the movie “Moana: The Sea of ​​Adventures” is so squeezable that it makes you want to take it home! Although our fearless adventurer appears briefly at this age, the character oozes cuteness.

7. Dumbo – Dumbo (1941)

THE Playback/DisneyPlus

The classic Dumbo enters as the oldest film on our list and brings us back to an affective memory that brings several lessons. The giant-eared elephant, in addition to delighting the public with its totally out-of-the-ordinary cuteness, also teaches us about the power of self-confidencedrawing tears from all ages.

8. Mushu – Mulan (1998)

THE Playback/DisneyPlus

And who doesn’t die laughing with Mushu in “Mulan”? The impulsive and extremely confident little dragon is, by far, one of animation’s greatest comic reliefs. Accompanying Mulan on her adventures, it is impossible not to love this character who is, in addition to being funny, very cute.

9. Chip – Beauty and the Beast (1991)

THE Playback/DisneyPlus

Are you going to say that you never imagined what it would be like if, suddenly, your objects came to life? Chip, the cup from “Beauty and the Beast” is certainly much cuter than a conventional cup used to be!

10. Abu – Aladdin (1992)

THE Playback/DisneyPlus

Aladdin’s pet monkey is a sight to behold! Alongside Genie and Carpet, Abu makes us laugh out loud for being addicted to shiny things and a real kleptomaniac🇧🇷 It gets Aladdin in trouble all the time, but he’s still kind when he wants to be – and a cute one, of course.

11. Vanellope – Wreck-It Ralph (2012)

THE Playback/DisneyPlus

Vanellope in Wreck-It Ralph breaks any bad mood! From a “system glitch” to a mischievous little girl, she engages viewers with her fun and sweet way🇧🇷 A bug has never been so well received, right?!

Both in the classics and in the most current animations, Disney really delivers everything when it comes to its characters. There are so many different, fun and adorable figures that it’s impossible to choose which one is the best. And you, can you define the cutest character from the animation studio?

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