The electoral ban that begins in April and ends in June practically demobilizes the municipal administration; then comes the delivery-reception that begins from the moment the winning candidate is designated, that is another space of labor lethargy; The worst is coming, the one that dismantles two years of work, the renewal of the administration, the dismissals and the hiring of new directors. All this creates a work zombie, that is, it is almost a year of lost time and money. And of course, then there will be another six months of trial and error.

We are a few days away from the month of April, we will close two years that came from the immobility that the pandemic produced in the municipal administration, and among them, one, that of the electoral processes. This brief context is on purpose, because it coincides with the reforestation of the property that we rescued from a dump, in Bosques del Sol, two years ago. I reiterate, that space has the singularity of having been abandoned for more than 25 years. While it is true that we have some support from some directions, it is also true that at certain times it was against their will.

This is where the issue I am telling you about is focused, it is legislated and it is the axis of intention of any government, to promote citizen participation, and not the other way around: to promote government participation. It is an irony that, in this case, it has been, and continues to be, citizen participation trying to move before and now, a rheumatic, disdainful and arrogant mammoth. Let’s first see the importance of a park, or the importance of planting trees, or having forest spaces.

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I list 12 REASONS TO PLANT A TREE: they cushion the impact of sound waves; help mitigate climate change; they release water vapor that cools the air; they fix CO2 and convert it into oxygen; they return water to the atmosphere through evaporation; they protect the soil by preventing its erosion and wear; they retain rainwater allowing it to filter into aquifers preventing flooding; they function as ecosystems where animals and insects live; they retain the particles that are in the air; For each planted tree, water is guaranteed for 3 people.

When I talk about wasted time for government and city administration, I’m not just saying it in terms of money, but what is lost through inaction. In our park, despite the care, we have had to reforest, aware that the environmental benefits are not for one person but for the entire population. But we also understand that they are not a government priority, that, although they are written in the government program that cost a fortune, they are only ink and saliva. And I summarize it on the fly:

Node II, called “Celaya en grande”, seems to be just a complex of greatness. Framed in the objectives of sustainable development, it refers to: strengthening universal accessibility to public spaces: increasing the quality of life, with inclusive facilities; improve the urban image; build safe, healthy and equitable environments with community development; improve the habitat in the municipality. All this is, of course, based on a budget that, in the first place, is devoured by the salaries of the administrative apparatus and little cash; then, the expenses in security, and what is left goes to public works. This year there were 381 million, which will be allocated with an electoral political objective, that is, to invest it in places that will revert votes.

In relation to its Node IV, which contemplates the aspect of HEALTHY CELAYA, it refers to caring for the environment with actions such as: reducing greenhouse gas emissions, reforestation of the municipality; increase the density of green areas; improve air quality, all framed within the objectives of the SDGs.

All of the above, I repeat, is contemplated in the 2021-2024 Government Program, which of course they are obliged to carry out, but in practice it is easier to cause a tsunami than to move them to work. The Directorate of Municipal Services, and its Parks and Gardens area, has the urban area in a heath, the public parks and gardens, such as the Alameda, are neglected and vandalized; the sports that were once a space for coexistence, and generators of community and identity in the neighborhoods and neighborhoods, today remain closed, because there is no universal accessibility, that is, they charge and have become a focus of corruption. The same thing happens in communities with their community spaces, today they are closed or inaccessible; there is no reforestation, and the green density is lost every day due to the creation of residential or commercial construction.

The Municipal Program for Urban Development and Territorial Ecological Planning (PMDUOET) 2040, points out the most relevant environmental problems in Celaya, they are: lack of citizen culture for garbage management; on exploitation of aquifers; lack of green areas and parks; lack of adequate infrastructure for the collection and use of water supply sources; environmental pollution by PM10 particles; deforestation and lack of a forestry program. Is there a budget allocated for this? Or just gifts to win voters?

Asking this government to take care of the environmental health of Celayans is the same as asking Jumapa to give us POTABLE water. I’ll give you a fact from today, the newspapers call to avoid leaving home because the AIR QUALITY is considered “bad”.

NODE V, to which I allude and consider as the axis of an “effective Government with a human and social approach, has contemplated in its strategic lines, Governance and citizen participation, to achieve permanent and effective communication with citizens, to achieve peace , justice and strong institutions. But, citizen participation is confused with carrying, submission, manipulation with gifts in the sixties style of the PRI era. When citizens ask and demand that they do their job, or simply participate or help, they get offended and hide behind a desk. Or, when they support, they think they are doing a favor to the citizens who pay their family food three times a day.

oh! To finish, I will tell you that the 12 reasons for having a bad government do not exist, for a simple reason, they receive a salary to make Celaya a space of well-being and health, that they do not do it out of ignorance, laziness, or convenience, that is not reason. Today we finished planting some trees, perhaps there weren’t many, but we hope we have sown a little concern and shame in those who are still in electoral lethargy, enjoying their 28% salary increase.

Wallow. This week Juan Martín got the red note, next week who will get it? Citizen Mendoza Márquez can no longer reach the fingers of his hand to count the deaths per week.

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