14 of 15 winning works will be completed in León by the end of the year

Leon, Guanajuato.- from 15 plays that were winners in the citizen consultation that took place on January 20, 12 start their construction in May and June.

Before the end of this year, 14 of the works will be completed.

only the paving of the Rio de los Castillos streetin the area of ​​Los Castillos, which is the work with the highest investment with 14 million 71 thousand pesoswill start in August and its conclusion is projected between January and February of the following year.

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The secretary of Liaison and Attention to the Leonese of the Municipality, Daniel Campos Lango, presented the progress of the 15 winning projects of “Participa León 2022” before the Participatory Budget Commission of the City Council. In the 15 projects, the estimated investment is 90 million pesos.

The works already contracted that start in May are:

  1. LED public lighting in La Cinta, Los Arcos, Barretos, San Isidro de Los López and Arboledas de los López.
  2. LED public lighting in Nuevo Valle de Moreno, San Antonio del Gigante and San José de Otates Sur.
  3. Paving of Muralla street, Villas de San Juan neighborhood (already started).
  4. Paving of Malinalco street, Azteca neighborhood (already started).
  5. Coating and rehabilitation of the Alfaro-Nuevo Valle de Moreno rural road.
  6. Construction of public space in Colonia Villas de San Nicolás III Sur.
  7. Construction of a public space in the Oriental neighborhood.
  8. Construction of a public space in the Valle de Jerez neighborhood.
  9. Rehabilitation of public space Colonia Joyas de Castilla Plus.

The first three of those nine works will conclude in July and the other six in August.

On May 11, the ruling is given:

  1. Paving Fray Daniel Mireles street, El Coecillo delegation (begins in May/June and ends in September).
  2. Paving Josefina Camarena street, San Juan Bosco delegation (begins in June and ends in September).

On May 20, the ruling is given:

  1. Paving of the access road to the Puerta de San Germán locality (begins in June and ends in September).

In the process of validation with Code, to be tendered at the end of May is:

  1. Rehabilitation of the El Coecillo sports athletics track (begins in August and ends in December).

Another one in tender at the end of May:

  1. Río de los Castillos paving (begins in August and ends in early 2023).

And the last one will be tendered at the beginning of June:

  1. Construction of the Vibar neighborhood park (begins in August and ends in December).

According to the amount, the contracting process was: five by direct assignment, three in simplified bidding and seven by public bidding.

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