37 years after “Waiting for the Carroza”: the classic movie adored by all

If there is a movie that almost all Argentines have seen, at least once, it is “Waiting for the carriage”. The “Mama Cora” from Antonio Gasalla it is unforgettable. There are phrases that remained in the memory and to this day they became memes. 37 years after its premiere, we tell you some curiosities about this classic.

37 years after “Waiting for the Carroza”: the classic movie adored by all

“Waiting for the Carriage”from Alexander Doriapremiered on May 6, 1985.

Interpreter of Mama Cora

The character was initially intended to Nini Marshall. However, the director believed that he would have a very cruel impact on the public. To continue with the idea of ​​humor, he decided that a man might work better. this is how it came Antonio Gasalla to the movie.

Antonio Gasalla immortalized Mama Cora in 'Esperando la carroza'.

Antonio Gasalla immortalized Mama Cora in ‘Esperando la carroza’.

the main house

The place where most of the film takes place is located in Versailles. That house became Cultural Heritage of the City of Buenos Aires. In addition, it is common to see fans of “Waiting for the carriage” taking photos with the front or making excursions to the area.

The house of Waiting for the Carriage

The house of Esperando la Carroza (Web/)

The famous house was used again

That sacred space was part of another important film of Argentine cinema: “The son of the bride”. This production was filmed sixteen years later.

Antonio Gasalla insults “Mamá Cora”

During a particular scene in the film, the protagonist drops a kettle from the balcony while she was watering the plants. At that moment she manages to hear the original voice of Anthony insulting his own character.

Antonio Gasalla

Antonio Gasalla (Web/)

Betiana Blum’s shoes

The woman who slept with her brother-in-law secretly from her husband and sister-in-law gave us great scenes. A very special moment nora It is when a taco is broken in the square. According to the actress, that was not planned. The accident happened because her shoe was second class, however, it was so good that it was left in the film.

Bethiana Blum

Betiana Blum (Web/)

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