3X3 Lions face to face with Team USA, as globetrotter Dominique “Disco Domo” Jones puts on a show


The 3X3 Lions will play their third group match against world champion United States in group D at the World Cup in Antwerp tonight (5:30 pm). The stakes are high, as the winner of this duel is group winner and directly qualified for the quarter-finals. Team USA includes Dominique Jones, a Harlem Globetrotter for a while in 2015 nicknamed ‘Disco Domo’. In 2011, he won the NBA title with Dallas Mavericks

Patrick Ceulemans

On the professional circuit, Dominique Jones is also a globetrotter. He was briefly active in the NBA (Dallas Mavericks), even won the NBA title alongside Dirk Nowitzki in 2011, especially in the G-League (NBA training league) and afterwards in China, Puerto Rico and even Iran. Now 34-year-old Dominique Jones has now become a 3X3 player and was voted MVP of the World Tour in 2019. Jones is a strong and experienced player who shows phenomenal footwork in combination with amazing dribbling. Team USA is the outgoing world champion in 3X3 basketball, but missed the Olympic Games in Tokyo last year. Team USA then lost in qualifying to the 3X3 Lions, among others.

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If the 3×3 Lions lose to the strongest basketball country in the world tonight, a spot in the 1/8th finals is still up for grabs. At 9.30 pm Nick ‘Clark Kent’ Celis, Thibaut ‘Must See TV’ Vervoort, Maxime Depuydt and Bryan ‘Garbage Man’ De Valck will play the last group match against Austria. If they win, the 3X3 Lions will finish second and play the 1/8th finals on Saturday. The number 3 also advances to the 1/8th finals.

But first they look for a win against world champions America and a group win for a place in the last eight.

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