Natalia Sturm.  Photo: social networks.
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Natalia Sturm. Photo: social networks.

The star of the 90s, Natalia Shturm, married twice, but both of her marriages ended in divorce. Years passed, the singer twisted numerous novels, but she never found happiness. The artist, who has an adult daughter and son, has already become a grandmother. A few years ago, while traveling in Zanzibar, the performer of the hit “School Romance” met a wealthy businessman named Albert. Back in the summer, he said that he was ready to marry Natalia. And now he again made her an offer of marriage.

On her page on the social network, the singer posted a video from a beauty salon, where, during a manicure procedure, her lover suddenly appeared and gave her a luxurious ring. Natalya accepted the gift and immediately put the ring on her finger, announcing that she was now the bride.

– Albert put an engagement ring on my finger! I am now a bride, – said the overjoyed Sturm.

The chosen one of the artist gave her a very unusual decoration. Instead of the traditional diamond, he chose a completely different stone.

– Burmese spinel – the same gem as a diamond, only rare – explained Sturm. – There are 3.4 carats in this ring, the color is red-orange.

The singer's fiancé Albert gave her a ring.  Photo: social networks.

The singer’s fianc√© Albert gave her a ring. Photo: social networks.

What her chosen one does, Natalya does not say. And only modestly mentions that her lover is a millionaire. The actress has already introduced him to her daughter Elena.

The singer did not communicate with her second child, her son Arseny, for a long time. The young man lives with his father, who managed to turn him against his mother. Arseniy was a long-awaited child for Natalia: in order to give birth to him, she went through the IVF procedure. But this did not save her marriage to Igor Pavlov. The relationship of the spouses was not smooth – according to the performer, her husband repeatedly raised his hand to her. They parted with the scandal and for a long time shared their son through the court, determining with whom the boy would live.

Igor believed that Natalya was leading an inappropriate lifestyle for a decent woman, and tried to deprive her of parental rights. As evidence, the businessman cited in court spicy nude photos of Natalya, which she published on social networks. During foreign travels, the performer was photographed topless and shared nude pictures with her fans. In addition, Pavlov insisted that Natalya changes lovers too often, choosing guys much younger than herself. According to the ex-spouse, all this created an unhealthy atmosphere for raising a boy.

At first, Arseny lived with his mother, but at the age of 14 his father took him to him. The heir to the star himself decided that he would be better off with his father. Since then, Natalya has practically not seen her son. Pavlov boy guy phone number and transferred to another school. As a result, the son stopped calling Natalya.

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