59 Cuban emigrants detained in the Arizona desert

Madrid Spain.- The United States Border Patrol apprehended sixty-four migrants east of Sasabe, in the Arizona desert.

Of them 59 were Cuban and 5 from Guatemala and Honduras, informed this Saturday John R. Modlin, chief of the Tucson Sector of the United States Border Patrol.

“The group was transported to Tucson to be examined and medically processed,” Modlin said through his account in Twitter.

On March 13, a group of 77 immigrants, most of them Cuban, was rescued by United States Border Patrol Agents when they tried to cross from the Mexican state of Sonora to Arizona.

According to official data, during 2021 there were 226 deaths of immigrants on the Arizona border, mainly from Mexico and Central America.

The journey through the Arizona desert can take more than three days, until you reach the highway that leads to Tucson, Arizona. Migrants are often attacked by gangs who steal all their provisions.

From the beginning of fiscal year 2022 β€”on October 1, 2021β€”, until the middle of the current month, 46,752 Cuban migrants arrived at the southern border of the United States.

Only in the month of February The Office of Customs Control and Border Protection of the northern country (CBP, for its acronym in English) registered the arrival of 16,550 Cubans.

According to the CBP, Cubans were the third group of migrants with the largest presence on the southern border of the United States, only surpassed by Mexicans (71,210) and Guatemalans (18,175).

In fiscal year 2021, 38,674 Cuban migrants arrived at the US border, while in fiscal year 2020 13,410 did so.

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