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6 tips from a top businesswoman to start your own business and watch it grow

6 tips from a top businesswoman to start your own business and watch it grow

Due to its particular characteristicsArgentina isfor several years now, fertile ground for the birth of self-managed enterprises and projects. In this sense, it is worth taking a moment to reflect on the impact that the entrepreneurial ecosystem currently has in Latin America and in our country and to keep in mind some advice for those who want to start on this path.

As a contextual framework, it is relevant to understand that Latin America is experiencing a great moment: it is the region in the world where the most startups have emerged in the last year and, at the same time, it has become the most attractive territory for investments in entrepreneurial capital. This growth by leaps and bounds is very important for the ecosystem and even more so for the creation of quality employment and the economic recovery of the region.

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In Argentinathe pandemic caused the emergence of a wide variety of SMEs and startups powered by digitization and the acquisition of new technological tools driven by the situation. Even so, making the decision to undertake in the current context is not an easy task, but it is important to know that it is not impossible either.

One by one, the 6 tips from a Unicorn firm that was born as a Startup

Based on the experience of the company I work for, a Latin American company that took its first steps as a startup, here I share six tips for those who want to enter this world.

1) The kick-off: the mission

Entrepreneurship with a mission is the key. This path presents pleasant moments and at the same time difficulties, therefore, having defined the purpose of a company is essential to build the path and begin to travel it.

2) One problem, one solution

Detecting a need, analyzing the market and identifying competitors is essential. It is enough to ask yourself: “What is that differential characteristic that makes my project different from others? How can it benefit or help my audience?” Knowing the value proposition and guaranteeing that it is unique marks the north of a venture.

In addition, the world in which we live is in constant movement and, in this sense, it is essential that the proposal be dynamic and adaptable. It is necessary to improve the added value constantly, in line with the learning of the business that experience allows to acquire.

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3) Assemble a good team

Jim Collins, a renowned business consultant, stated in an interview that “what makes a company or a leader the best is the ability to choose the right people and put them in the right position.” The work team behind a venture is decisive. Linking up with people with vision, who are disruptive, challenging, who complement and who know how to say no, allows projects to grow and superior ideas to emerge.

4) The focus is the customer

Once the target audience and their wishes are recognized, the next step is to rethink how it is possible to connect with them and what are the contact channels to use to be close to them. There is no better ambassador than a happy consumer.

5) United we are stronger

It is easier to reach the goal when the journey is done in company. Being an entrepreneur does not mean doing everything alone. Connecting with other entrepreneurs who offer complementary services, which can help strengthen the value proposition and/or simplify processes, is essential to generate networking. Another key: participate in mentoring activities.

6) Entrepreneurial attitude

Permanently remember what the business was in its beginnings. As much as the enterprise grows and the results begin to be more visible, we must not lose sight of what new challenges can be taken on and what aspects can be improved to continue building.

* General Manager for Rappi Argentina and Uruguay

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