7 Games Similar to Dark Souls for iOS and Android

The franchise’s dark fantasy universe and tough battles dark souls already won a legion of fans around the globe. And thinking of all the fans of the series who have already wondered if there is any mobile game that has the same “vibe”, we separate a list with 7 games for Android and iOS which are similar to these famous RPGs from FromSoftware. Check it out below:

Pascal’s Wager

Considered by many to be the closest mobile title to a Soulslike experience, Pascal’s Wager features a map full of hidden areas and many challenging enemies.

Its story takes place in Solas, a land devastated by a natural disaster that caused the sun to sink into the ocean. Since then, everything has been engulfed in a black mist, and the Colossi—mysterious creatures capable of dispelling this mist—have roamed the world, with humanity roaming at their feet and revering them in search of the light.

However, thousands of years later, the emergence of a strange disease is causing each of these giant beings to succumb, and it’s up to messenger Terrence and his companions to set out on an arduous journey to find the source of the disease and try to save their world.

On the contrary dark soulsin this action RPG it is not possible to create your own avatar, however five different characters are available, giving you the chance to find the ones that best suit your style of play.

In addition, the game has a casual mode with reduced difficulty, which can be a good option for those who are starting in this universe or are having problems playing on mobile without controller.

Platforms: Android and iOS

Value: BRL 36.99 – BRL 39.99

Animus Trilogy

Animus – Stand Alone

The first chapter of this saga of action RPG features a dark world, putting players in the role of an anonymous warrior on a journey to put an end to a broken world.

With fast stages and challenging bosses, the game doesn’t give room for the famous “mash the buttons” mode, and you have to choose your attributes and strategies very carefully, always keeping an eye on the stamina bar so you don’t end up dying from fooling around.

Interestingly, this game appeared as a complement to another work by the Tenbirds studio, called Ire: Blood Memory, which is no longer available for download in official stores. Luckily, the developers stated that you don’t need to have prior knowledge of its history to enjoy the first part of the trilogy.

Platforms: Android and iOS

Value: BRL 15.99 – BRL 22.90

Animus – Harbinger

The second game in the series animus takes place before the events of Ire: Blood Memory, showing the first moment that Kerr, the personification of evil, attacks the kingdom seeking revenge. The protagonist, the pilgrim Forlorn, receives from the king the mission of defeating monstrous creatures and freeing the innocent inhabitants from the chaos and confusion that has set in.

Harbinger follows the same gameplay style as its predecessor, with levels that quickly lead to the boss and enemies that provide experience points and money. It was also released for the Nintendo Switch, but it still works much better as a mobile title.

Platforms: Android and iOS

Value: BRL 18.99 – BRL 27.90

Animus – Revenant

With a more elaborate budget, revenant debuted in June 2021, receiving versions for Switch, PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Once again, players must assume the role of a hero who is humanity’s last bastion, and must set out on a journey to stop the evil Kerr from annihilating the kingdom.

Platforms: Android and iOS

Value: BRL 66.99 – BRL 74.90

As much as the Animus franchise may present some problems in its games, it is still interesting, especially if we consider that Tenbirds, the studio responsible for its development, has a team of only seven people!

Way of Retribution

Way of Retribution has many similarities with dark souls, allowing you to create your own character and different classes available, such as knight, thief, mage, among others. In addition, it features an open world concept filled with enemies in every corner and co-op and PVP mechanics.

The story is set in a place ravaged by an unending struggle, which began when its mighty deities were overthrown by a shadowy creature, upsetting the balance between light and darkness and opening space for chaos and insanity to take over. It is up to the players to end this conflict and lead the beings of this place into a new era of peace and harmony.

Even with an interface well adapted to mobile devices, this action RPG still has some bugs that can bother you at certain times. But, as it’s a free title, it doesn’t hurt to check it out, right?

Platforms: Android and iOS

Value: Free


Even with faster combats that follow the hack and slash style, Grimvalor still has many details that remind the Souslike genre, being considered by some people a mix between castlevania and dark souls.

Set in a dark fantasy universe, a huge number of enemies and some really difficult moments, its story involves an evil power rising in a forgotten realm, and it’s up to the main character to deal alone with this dark force and restore a corrupted realm.

For those who were curious and want to give it a go, the game’s first act — about one to two hours long — is free at Google Play Store.

Platforms: Android and iOS

Value: First act free on the Play Store – R$ 39.90

Revenant Knight

Interestingly, this title doesn’t have main character enhancements or even items, with the developer’s own description explaining that it’s based solely on player skills.

Its gameplay is based on learning the game’s commands and discovering the ideal moment to attack or dodge enemies, divided into 36 different types, in addition to, of course, 14 bosses that can’t wait to end the race of the solitary protagonist, tasked with protect a magical artifact against the forces of darkness that try to steal it every night.

With difficult gameplay and multiple endings available, Revenant Knight encourages replaying over and over again. And for those who wish, it is possible to lower the difficulty of this RPG, but as the creators themselves said: don’t expect too much from this…

Platform: android

Value: BRL 3.39

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