8 tips to stimulate the brain of children
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cross crawl

To do this, the child must move a arm and one leg opposites for move along, that is, crawl like a baby. The purpose this exercise is to improve the coordination Y Activate the brain through vision and kinesthesia.

memory exercises

The games of memory They are great fun to play with the family and also help children to work the area of ​​the thought.


One way to encourage your child to to paint It can be through reading a book. you choose your book favorite and make a painting or a He drew about. In this way you help him to work the creativity, the memory, the comprehension and the expression of the emotions.



The puzzle help children to make a total composition joining the pieces, through the logic and the concentration.


The older children They already have the ability to play sudoku. These exercises help promote concentration, the logic and the attention.


musical activities

Learning to play an instrument can promote child brain health. Whether it’s playing the piano, the flute wave guitar, all are beneficial.

play with plasticine

The games with clay stimulate the fine motor, the comprehension Y representation.

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