90's Pop Tour: counting the hours to sing and dance in León

Mexico.- The time machine is counting down to settle in León and offer the experience of the 90’s Pop Tour to another level, more impressive than ever and with new icons of the decade that will make your senses vibrate.

Melissa spoke with AM about the 90’s Pop Tour in León. Photo: Special.

In a telephone interview with AM, Melissa Lopez member of JNS, spoke of what awaits the Leonese this May 27 at the Velaria de la Feria, a place where all nineties will enjoy music, dance and fun to the rhythm of artists such as Ana Torroja, Kabah, Lynda, Opposite Senses, Benny, Magneto and Erik Rubín will be in charge of making every corner of this venue vibrate with themes such as “I only live for you”, “Cross of knives”, “The street of the sirens”, “Paper love”, “With everyone except me”, “Fly, fly” and “If it is not now”.

We have Ana Torroja as a surprise with songs by Mecano, there is Erik Rubín, Benny Ibarra, with solo songs and songs by Timbiriche; Linda, Opposite Senses… this new stage is really cool”, assured the singer.

The members will offer a great show, including more than 60 hits with different collaborations, costumes and new choreographies that will make the entire 90s audience dance.

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It is a show that lasts almost four hours, and you will surely wonder what is the difference from the other shows, because obviously the new artists, collaborations, collaborations from past stages, there are new ones that we had never had in the past, “he emphasized.

In addition, they have just recently released a DVD and CD of the tour, which will be a plus for all lovers of this concept.

Magneto are one of the talents to be featured. Photo: Special.

“A CD came out with this fourth stage that you can already get and where we include a collaboration. People have received it very well and we recommend it to them.”

JNS is one of the most beloved groups. Photo: Special.

Regarding the stage concept, Meli announced that it will be the same as 360 but with a different design, the elevators are different, as are the lighting and musical arrangements.

“Yes, it is a different show from the one they have already seen. The joke is to see each other again, to be close to the people of León, it is to remember this time, and it is to celebrate life, that we are alive, healthy, that we are returning to the face-to-face concerts that we sorely needed”.

The concert is scheduled for May 27. Photo: Special.

The tour recently gained recognition for more than 1 million viewers, which is an incentive for artists to continue on this path of music.

As soon as you arrive you will disconnect from everything, remember, enjoy the people who are with you. Make great friends, because many meet at concerts and that’s cool. We have become a family, but also the beauty of this project is that we have shared fans and songs”.

Melissa recommended the public to come to this concert with tennis shoes, leave the glamor aside and just enjoy them.

The concert is going to be divided into three blocks, it’s going to be a lot of fun and so we suggest you wear tennis shoes, put your heels aside and just sing. Don’t miss it, you’re going to have a great time! ”, She promised.

In addition to music, Melissa shares with her friends the new program ‘AMO’ with Olivia, Angie, her great friends, where they share all kinds of topics.

The show will last more than 3 hours. Photo: Facebook.

Tickets cost from 3 thousand 240 pesos in VIP up to 870 pesos in general.

The last show was very emotional. Photo: Special.

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