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The 17-year-old boy who caused an accident in Bakonyszombathely and then drove away had only had a driver’s license for two months.

A man filed a complaint at the Kisbéri Police Station on the morning of November 24, the police report on his website. He said that not long before he was driving his car in Bakonyszombathely when a gray car hit him from behind and drove away without stopping.

Thanks to the presence of mind of the injured driver, he was able to avoid overturning his car and immediately drove to the police station.

Based on the footage from the surveillance camera, the police identified the owner of the offending car, who they visited. It turned out that the vehicle was driven by a 17-year-old boy from the area who has had his driver’s license for two months. The young man admitted that he caused the accident, and the police fined him HUF 50,000.

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