A 33-year-old climber was swept away by an avalanche in the Himalayas

Khudam Bir Tamang, 33, escorted a South Korean team to the world’s fourth-highest climb on the south side. The serpa was just returning to base camp from each camp where he had taken the climbers ’equipment when he was swept away by an avalanche, said expedition organizer Mingma Serpa, president of Seven Summit Treks.

The accident occurred around half a week in the afternoon at an altitude of about 5,900 meters above sea level. Mingma Serpa saidthat the other five mountain leaders were rescued because they were further away from the avalanche.

It didn’t come out

Monday morning’s air and ground rescue did not find the swept mountain driver.

This is the first avalanche accident on the Nepalese slopes of the Himalayas in the spring season. The other members of the South Korean team were in base camp when the avalanche broke out, the expedition organizer said.

The Hungarian climber Szilárd Suhajda is also preparing to climb the fourth highest mountain in the world

the Hungarian Lhoce Expedition closed the acclimatization phase in early May 2022, writes MTI.

This year, Nepal issued 316 permits to climb Everest in the peak season until May, up from 408 last year, the highest number ever.

The Himalayan country is heavily dependent on climbers for foreign income, but it was criticized for allowing overcrowding in 2019, which led to the deaths of several climbers in the mountains. According to the database


Unfortunately, many climbers have already lost their lives while climbing the Himalayas, including the first victim of this season, a Greek climber.

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