A bomb exploded in a busy street, killing several people in Kabul

The bomb exploded in a western quarter of the city, where members of the minority Shiite Muslim community meet regularly. The Sunni Muslim militant group Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack, the group said on its Telegram channel.

At least eight people were killed and 22 injured, according to a senior doctor at a private hospital.

An Interior Ministry spokesman said an investigative team was at the scene of the blast to help the injured and assess the number of casualties.

In the video footage published on the Internet, you can see how ambulances rushed to the scene, which also has bus stations nearby.

The attack is dig lord happened before, which is held mainly by Shia Muslims, writes a Reuters.

On Friday, at least eight people were killed and 18 wounded in an explosion in Kabul, which was carried out by the Islamic State, the news agency recalls. The organization does not control any territory in Afghanistan, but it has sleeper cells that frequently attack the country’s religious minorities and the ruling Taliban’s patrols.

Sunni Muslim Taliban authorities, who took power in Afghanistan last August after a two-decade insurgency, said they would provide greater protection to Shiite mosques and other facilities.

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