A car collided with a train at Sajónémeti

According to currently available data, a passenger car drove into the crossing equipped with a light barrier, where it collided with a passenger train running according to the schedule.

As a result of the accident, the four people sitting in the car were injured, and their rescue is currently ongoing, informed the police. The police closed the entire width of the road for the duration of the investigation and rescue.

On the Facebook page of Mávinform, it was written that a passenger train from the Miskolc-Tiszai railway station to Ózd collided with a car at the railway crossing at the Sajónémeti stop.

The light barrier showed a red signal. As a result of the accident, the motor train derailed with one axle. None of the train’s passengers were injured.

As written, passengers are transported between Bánréve and Ózd by a replacement bus. Due to the accident, trains on the Miskolc-Ózd line run with longer journey times.

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