A cartography of the universe, “from the milky way to the limits of the visible”
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“The universe is so huge and so old that it is absolutely impossible for us to represent it to ourselves in its entirety. But we are able to draw up the picture quite admirably”, writes the site specializing in new technologies and scientific innovation Futuristic. Johns Hopkins University published, on November 17, a map shaped by a small team of researchers that takes the form of a sort of “cosmic slice of pizza”.

This two-dimensional interactive cartography takes the form of a sector of a circular diagram, with our Milky Way as its point of origin. As one moves away from it appear thousands of points each representing a galaxy. In total, about 200,000 of them are located precisely, with their true color.

Futuristic thus evokes “light blue” spiral galaxies surrounding the Milky Way, followed by the yellow of the elliptical galaxies, itself turning red. “Then extends a formidable blue ocean formed of luminous points which are as many quasars, these supermassive black holes in the center of distant galaxies.” Finally, 13.7 billion light-years away, the first rays of radiation emitted by the Big Bang appear.

A Press release of Johns Hopkins University claims the “goldsmith precision” and “Dazzling Beauty” of this map mobilizing data collected for 15 years by a telescope based at Apache Point in the State of New Mexico. “Producing a map is not very complicated, since we have all the information. The real difficulty is to produce a quality map”says Nikita Shtarkman, specialist in graphical representation of statistical data, in a video published by the university.

In charge of the project, the astronomer Brice Ménard describes a popularization approach intended for people who are not scientists. It allows you to take the measure of the different scales and to see the immensity of the cosmos. Something of “very strong”he adds.

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