A “complete and intact” Roman temple discovered in the Netherlands

“One of the best-preserved Roman temples in northwest Europe discovered near Herwen, Gelderland” title the daily NRC. In this village near the German border, archaeologists found around 30,000 objects, including altars with inscriptions, sculptures and sacrificial pits, the newspaper reports.

“From Eric Norde’s trouser pocket pulls out a trowel. This is a sign that this Roman specialist from the Raap archaeologist company is working on a particular excavation site. Usually, Dutch archaeologists mostly use shovels,” tells the Amsterdam daily. “But unearthing one of the best-preserved Roman sanctuaries in northwestern Europe requires particularly meticulous and painstaking work,” he says, quoting the archaeologist.

Romanized Batavians

The Herwen temple was dedicated to the god Hercules Magusanus, the newspaper explains. It was “originally one of the most important Batavian gods. The Romanized Batavians lived in particular in this region

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