A deputy from Together for Change proposes to eliminate social plans

The Argentine economy is besieged by inflation and for this reason there are frequent demands and demonstrations for more social plans, such as the one that occurred this Thursday the 17th in the main accesses to the City of Buenos Aires. For this reason, REPROFILE spoke with the national deputy of Together for Change, Jose Nunez who referred to a bill that he presented regarding social assistance and a possible solution.

The initiative consists of unifying the plans, trying to have a single plan and not that there is a multiplicity of plans“. “Because we find ourselves with the sad reality that there are people who charge many plans, while others do not charge anything and someone without working earns more than someone who works“said the legislator.

Along the same lines, Núñez reported: “The idea is to put together a plan for employability, which consists of three stages: a trainingthat there is an obligation to train”. “Another that is an internship with a company, which will not be paid“.

While, finally, if the beneficiary fulfilled the internship, the requirements and the company wishes to take it “In that case, for 24 months, the State will continue to accompany him with the plan. Y the SME will pay the difference between the collective bargaining agreement and the plan paid by the government“.

The piquetero volcano grows: “They respond or next week we camp throughout the country,” threatened Belliboni

The idea is not to get the plan out of people, but to train and reinsert themselves into the formal labor market.because what we want to do is a cultural change,” he said.

This project takes into accountpeople over 18 years of age, without a maximum age limit”, concluded the national legislator.

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