A dog ran home from the daycare while its owners were on vacation

The daycare feature of the pet shelter is that the farmer can hand over their pet if they are traveling for an extended period of time and there is no one to take care of the pet. So did the Hensen family in Kansas when they traveled to Las Vegas, but the institution did not win the favor of the animal.

The dog, Dexter, soon became bored in the daycare, so he decided to run home, writes Metro. He successfully got out on the street, climbed a nearly two-foot-high fence, and then covered more than three thousand miles to finally return home to the Hensens ’family home.

The Hensen family learned of the evening thanks to a camera mounted on the front door sending a notification to one of their cell phones – allowing them to see the dog lurking in front of the door. The head of the family told the paper that the dog was probably convinced that he could find his owners at home, so he did not dilate. The family spoke to the dog through the camera speaker to reassure her, and then called the dog daycare, where the reinforcement soon arrived.

After the first fright, the family found what had happened funny, and they even said they were proud of the animal because they had found it so far away.

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