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The water rescuers were notified late on Sunday evening that a fisherman was in danger due to the descending fog in the water area in front of the Virág Beach in Balatonlell.

The fisherman sailed out with a Pirate-type sailboat, but due to the descending fog, he was unable to return to his port of departure, the Hungarian Professional Service of Lifeguards published on its social media page.

It was also revealed from the information provided by the ambulances that in the end the BalatonHelp the exact location of the angler was identified using the help request application.

The Hungarian Professional Service of the Lifeguards (VMSZ) immediately contacted the head of BL Yachtclub & Apartments, Balázs Tóth, who is a member of the VMSZ, to start with the LUSZI motor boat stationed in the port, sailing all year round, equipped with radar and navigation instruments, and the colleagues on standby and the search for the fisherman.

Finally, thanks to the accurate data provided by the application, the fisherman was found with the help of the research vessel’s instruments, and the rescue leader

Balázs Tóth was shocked to report that the fisherman’s basic equipment lacked a life jacket.

Here again, we ask those staying on the lake to enter the water with sufficient preparation, appropriate equipment and the BalatonHelp application pre-downloaded to their smart phone – warns VMSZ

Didn’t you have a compass, GPS on your phone? An incredible story in 2022

– this comment summarizes the opinions of several commentators reading what happened on the matter.