A former employee denounces the infiltration of Google by a cult

Kevin Lloyd, 34, a video producer at Google until he was fired in February 2021, has started legal action against his former employer. But the case could go beyond ‘simple’ wrongful dismissal proceedings, as Lloyd argues his dismissal was due to influence gained within the company by the religious organization Fellowship of Friends, literally the ‘ Community of Friends”.

Established in a “complex of nearly 500 hectares, filled with works of art and loaded with architecture” in Oregon House, in northern California, the brotherhood would have infiltrated Google services, and more particularly the Google Developer Studio (GDS) – responsible for producing videos featuring digital technologies developed by the American giant.

Kevin Lloyd explains that the company through which Google hired its many contractors would have placed many Fellowship of Friends members in the positions to be filled. “At least 12 cult members and their relatives worked for the Google studio,” supports

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