A gigantic struggle on Alkotás út, a man was revived for more than half an hour

On Friday afternoon, the capital’s ambulances requested quick help for a 55-year-old man who was run over by a truck on Alkotás út.

Several rescue units arrived on the scene within minutes, and they immediately began providing advanced care to the man on the hot concrete. The life-threatening injured person needed immediate airway protection, but due to the blazing sun, the visibility conditions were not suitable for the emergency doctor.

Since there was not enough room for this in the ambulance, the lifeguards took the injured person to the shady side of the street, where the rescue could continue.

The tense struggle that lasted more than half an hour finally led to success and the injured could be transported to the hospital in a stable condition by the ambulances

– writes the Facebook post of the National Ambulance Service, who wished the injured a speedy recovery and congratulated those involved in the rescue.

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