A heart for Claudia Argiropulos from Río Gallegos.

Due to a Dilated cardiomyopathythe young woman from Río Gallegos, claudia argiropulosis located in the waiting list for a heart transplant. This situation is similar to that of Mariana Ditzelthe Comodorense who died earlier this year before receiving a special medication.

Still, hopes are not lost. The Santa Cruz native has been hospitalized for some time Italian Hospital, Buenos Aires. Her friend Fanny Baumann told how she is in health: We are in a very desperate situation because we need the heart for Claudia as soon as possible. Is found in National Emergency”.

Claudia, 47 years old, have dilated cardiomyopathya disease that weakens the heart muscle, preventing it from pumping correctly. The INCUCAI has her with priority on the waiting list.

In a dialogue with Radio New Day 100.9Baumman recounted that “It was detected in February 2021 by a study that was carried out”. At the time, they recommended that he go to a cardiology specialist.

One perhaps sometimes does not dimension the problems and dilated the times. Then COVID-19 passed and as the days went by he began to lose weight and feel tired,” he assured. Faced with this, family and friends related him to the aftermath of the virus, but they did not think that it could be his heart.

Organ donation awareness in Río Gallegos

“We want citizens to take awareness of the importance of donating organs. We need a donor to appear so that my friend can continue living”said Fanny.

A few months after she was diagnosed with the disease, Claudia was admitted to the Río Gallegos Hospital, but they had to transfer her to Buenos Aires. She had decompensation for several weeks, for which she was transferred to the Bazterrica Clinic. When she had another relapse, they placed a pacemaker.

Finally, her friend assured: “At this moment we are with a campaign on social networks so that they can contribute with little. They can also approach Office of Rare Diseases and learn about organ donation.

A heart for Claudia Argiropulos from Río Gallegos. (facebook/)

Her family decided to transfer her to the Italian Hospital because her health condition did not improve. Currently, she is there where she waits for a donor. In the waiting room her sister and one of her two daughters are there, who are attentive to new news about Claudia.

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