"A huge tragedy indescribable in words" - Celebrities remember Krisztián Berki

As previously reported, on Friday, police and ambulances struck the IX. the area where Krisztián Berki lives. Although it was initially impossible to know exactly what had happened, police eventually confirmed the celebrity’s death. Since then, his wife, Mazki Berki, and his mother, Júlia, have also spoken out about what happened, who have been greatly affected by the news. Police checked in at the scene with a press conference and said drug suspects had been found near Berki, but the investigation is still ongoing.

The news of Krisztián Berki’s death hit the country like a cold shower, and a series of entries commemorating him appear on social media. His friend, Péter Hajdú a Facebook page he said goodbye to the celeb.

I can not find words! You were the strength, the perseverance and the will !! Have a good trip, my friend

Hajdú wrote, with whom Norbert Schobert could agree. Like that fitness guru saidshares the pain of Berki’s family:

Kris was only 41. It wasn’t an easy case, but he was a deeply good man. That’s not what he deserved.

Vujity Tvrtko also addressed a few words to Berki on his community page. As he wrote, the celebrity’s values ​​have always been as far away from him as possible, but there are times when nothing but human life matters:

Her granddaughter and newborn baby was left without a father, and this is an indescribable, huge tragedy for them and their loved ones. Tragedy, just like the painfully early death of a 41-year-old man. I wish and hope for the mourners a lot! God rest Krisztián Berki.

ByeAlex on Facebook message, he said he did not know or follow Berkit, but could only blink in surprise for 20 minutes at the news of his death. Gáspár Laci and Curtis semwho remembered Berki with a common picture.

Attila Ambrus – with whom they had previously won the first season of Asia Express, thus pocketing the main prize of HUF 10 million – Storynak he remembered for a long time his former teammate, whom he thought had many sides.

I think the tragedy of all this is that he left two small children here. That’s why I’m mad at him. I was with him in Asia for six weeks, we had disputes, but he also had a human side. I saw him cry, I saw him in many life situations that very few people besides his two partners had seen him. I’m sorry he died. Many people think we got rid of a man who was parasitic in society, but he also had positive qualities that he didn’t want to show because he could have been attacked.

He said, as he also explained, Berki was a dual personality who could act like an average person if he didn’t go for the camera at first. But he claims that after a while he only lived for the camera, which also distorted his personality.

We’ve been moving apart for the last few years – for a reason – but I’m sad. I feel sorry for the situation itself and the two women who have children from it who need to be raised. That would have been Krisztián’s responsibility. If you are already having two children, it is the dog’s duty to support them, as is the children’s mom.

Singer Peter Srámek was also able to form a particularly close relationship with Berki, and he said he burst into tears when he learned of his death.

We talked a lot about privacy things after the cameras turned off. He was a normal person. He showed something completely different in the media than he actually was

said Shamek a Borsnakas he also reported that he last met Berki half a year ago.

He was healthy, although if we shot, his blood pressure went down several times and there was also a problem with the sugar. But he didn’t look like he was in trouble

Srámek explained, noting that he was completely confused. At first, he didn’t want to believe the news was true.

(Cover image: Krisztián Berki on March 6, 2020. Photo: Tamás Kaszás / Index)

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