A hundred sheep have been walking in a circle for 14 days straight and no one knows why |  VIDEO
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Hundreds of sheep have been walking eerily in circles for 12 days straight in the Inner Mongolia region of northern China. China.

Some others can be seen watching from outside the rotation, while others sometimes remain motionless in the center, he reported. The New York Post.

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“The great mystery of the sheep! Hundreds walk in a circle for more than 10 days in Inner Mongolia, north China. The sheep are healthy and the reason for the strange behavior remains a mystery,” Chinese state media tweeted on Wednesday. People’s Daily.

The owner, Mrs. Miao, says she started with just a few sheep before the whole herd came together.

Bacterial disease, the reason?

There are reportedly 34 sheep pens at the location, but only the sheep in pen number 13 were moved in this way.

Although it is not known for sure what caused the sheep to behave in this way, it is known that a bacterial disease called listeriosis causes “circles” in animals.

“Initially, affected animals are anorexic, depressed, and disoriented. They may push themselves into corners, lean against stationary objects, or roll over to the affected side,” according to the Merck Manual.

Outbreaks usually occur as a result of poor quality or poor silage, according to the Merck Manual.

In sheep and goats, however, death usually occurs within 24 to 48 hours after symptoms appear, The New York Post recalled.

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