A Hungarian man was taken to the hospital with a pulse of 290

It was written that the man was already feeling bad at night, yet he started working in the morning. However, on the way to work, he was so dizzy that he had to sit on a bench and could no longer handle his phone, so he asked a passer-by to call for help.

Within minutes, ambulance staff arrived and examined the patient, who “surprised even an experienced ambulance officer.

In the case of measuring blood pressure, a high value was measured for him, which is mostly seen only in textbooks by experts: 290/150 mmHg

The ambulance wrote.

They added that the elevated level of care for a patient in a life-threatening condition was started immediately, and as a result, the man could eventually be transported to a hospital in a stable condition. “We wish you a speedy recovery, and congratulations to those involved in saving lives – wrote the In the entry of the National Ambulance Service.

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