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A hunter hunted: he tried to kill a bear, but it did not go as planned and he got a lethal surprise

The group of rescuers moves the body of the hunter.

Probably an unusual event, but one that accounts for animal violence, as well as an unusual death by a hunter. The event happened in Russia, and the man who tried to kill a bear got a deadly surprise.

The group of rescuers moves the body of the hunter. (Clrain/)

It all took place in a wooded area of ​​that country, more precisely in Irkutsk Oblast, a region of Siberia. Notably this man was missing for a whileand when his relatives notified the investigators, they noticed a tragic scene and they had to understand what had happened.

What happened to this hunted hunter?

The hunter was found dead by the search team, next to the body of a bear. According to reports from local authorities, The man shot the animal with the intention of killing it. And after the shot, he believed that the mammal was dead, but the situation was not.

What was implied is that the 62-year-old hunter was taking refuge on a platform on a tree. From there, he observed a brown bear, which he wanted to hunt. He shot and believed he had killed him.

When she came down from the platform, riding on the tree, the wounded animal attacked him, causing the death of this man: “Once the man went down, the mortally wounded bear attacked him and killed him”they reported.

The brown bear would have attacked the hunter before dying.

And furthermore, it was noted that the hunter had deep wounds from claws and fangs, in addition to the crushed skull.

“The remains of the animal were located 50 meters from where the hunter lay lifeless”the agency specified interface. And then he added: “The predator, mortally wounded, managed to inflict a fatal wound on the citizen.”

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