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the vice president Cristina Kirchner a key week begins in his judicial agenda. East Tuesday and Thursday the Federal Chamber of Cassation will have the last two hearings before resolving the closure due to the non-existence of a crime of the causes Hotesur-Los Sauces and the signing of the Memorandum with Iran for the attack on AMIA.

This Tuesday, starting at 12:30 p.m., room I made up of Ana María Figueroa, Diego Barroetaveña and Daniel Petrone plans to listen via Zoom to the defense lawyers of the defendants in the case “Hotesur Los Sauces” that they asked to present orally.

Cristina Kirchner in Comodoro Py.

Both in the cause that arose from the Memorandum of Understanding with Iran and Hotesur, the vice figure as accused. But to get out of this situation, her defense has already confirmed that she will provide “memorials” before the court. This is to demand that the decision to close the cases be ratified and that it does not reach an oral trial.

In the first hearing, on November 10, the prosecutor before that instance Mario Villar had asked to revoke the decision of the Federal Oral Court (TOF) 5 that in November of last year dismissed all the defendants for non-existence of crime.

López Murphy’s space asked that CABA schools not abide by mourning for Hebe de Bonafini

That decision came from a defense statement. It was based on an expertise that resulted in no harm to the national State and that the movements of the investigated companies were banked. With this, the court accepted that there was no crime of “asset laundering” or “illicit association.”

In that investigation, the former president, her children were dismissed Maximus and Florence and businessmen who rented properties or hotel rooms in “Los Sauces” and “Hotesur”, belonging to the Kirchner family. Among those dismissed are the businessmen Lázaro Báez, Cristóbal López and Fabián de Sousa and also Romina de los Angeles Mercado, and Osvaldo Sanfelice.

Final stage of Road

In the Highway case, the vice is in the dock of the defendants of the oral trial. In this context, five of the 13 defendants in the Highway case will have the opportunity this Friday to speak for the last time before the Court that judges them.

road hearing
Prosecutor Diego Luciani.

Starting at 9:30 a.m., the statement from the owner of “Austral Construcciones” Lázaro Báez, former officials of the National Highway Administration in Santa Cruz, Mauricio Collareda and Raúl Daruich, is expected. the former Federal Planning Minister Julio De Vido and the former Undersecretary of Public Works Abel Fatala.

In addition, it is expected that on Tuesday, November 29, they will have the opportunity to say their final words Cristina Kirchner, former Santa Cruz Highway official Héctor Garro, former Federal Planning official Carlos Kirchner and the former Secretary of Public Works José López.


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