Resort press office "Rosa Khutor"

Press Service of Rosa Khutor Resort

The online project gives a complete picture of the entire infrastructure of the resort in the summer and winter seasons. In a special application, users can not only find the necessary locations – ski slopes, cable cars, hotels, restaurants, etc. – but also consider them in detail. At the same time, the territory of the resort is part of the surrounding mountain landscape, a 360 ° view allows the user to “look around” as if he were on the ground personally. Thus, the Rosa Khutor online project makes navigation around the resort as convenient as possible.

Optimization for all mobile devices and accessibility even with average internet speed also allows the consumer to easily and quickly use the card, being, for example, on the top of a mountain.

“Creating a large-scale gigapixel panorama of a mountain resort is very beautiful and inspiring. project. Detailed shooting of “Rosa Khutor” at all altitude levels – Rose Valley (560 meters above sea level), Mountain Olympic Village (1100) and Rose Peak (2320) – will help our guests to better navigate and understand all the possibilities of recreation in the resort. This means that such a virtual tour will be useful for tourists in terms of better organizing their holidays in any season,” said Alexander Belokobylsky, general director of the Rosa Khutor resort.

The Rosa Khutor interactive map was created by a creative laboratory that professionally creates gigapixel panoramas and successfully combines this technique in its projects with many other multimedia formats. To accomplish this task, experts have developed a special drone with six propellers and a unique gimbal rotating around its axis for mounting the camera. More than 4,000 photographs were taken from this hexacopter from a height of 150 – 200 meters above the earth’s surface. When shooting the highest point of the resort – Rosa Peak – the drone hovered at an altitude of 2520 meters above sea level.

Flying and filming in the mountains is more difficult than anywhere else because of the changeable wind: for high-quality images that could be stitched into a single canvas without visible distortion at the joints, the copter must remain practically motionless at one point – all the time for one shoot. To get a result that would satisfy all members of the film crew, the camera was raised into the air over Rose Valley alone 12 times over five days.

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